She’s a super tolerant sweetheart who’s now retired. I have the exact issue this thread is talking about – A soundmax device and Cakewalk Plasma. Documentation] and I admit that there can be software problems; however, how does it make sense to blame Cakewalk for a hardware problem? All of which just might have been useful to someone. I have an XP system with a Steinberg M14 audio unit. We do not have many solutions to your problems, but here is information that may help you understand the situation. Dazeddad Max Output Level:

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Soundmax wavetable synth driver Top Freeware Programs

It takes some very specialized equipment to make it all come together. As far as the sound card not being open to ASIO vs. They do provide links to all the computer companies that use their chip http: Posted here thinking it was a possible soundmax soundcard issue. Someone wondered synh I hate these onboard sound suckers. View More Photo Galleries. My theory on how it works is that even though the sounds are built into the ROM of the Wzvetable as you say, when Waevtable choose Soundmax the ‘ROM’ on the card is read into RAM just as it would be with a plugin or the Windows Wavetable that exist as files on the hard drive and get read into RAM when you need them.

If that’s what you’re saying, do the meters move on the track when you make sound on the guitar?


What I am looking for are answers to my questions which I will repeat here – I am not looking for information about what might be better, worse, etc. Michael, first of all this really is a new topic specific to your needs, so it should have been posted sojndmax a new thread instead of tacked on to this one.

As well there is an on-board SoundMax card. The meters do not register in MC3 when he strums but can be clearly heard through the comp speakers. None of syntu works together.

There’s no midi selection choices which seem required. There are a lot of them out there. Yes, I do realize the age of the last posting. Somehow, I get the huge one fully loaded.

Fort Worth, TX Status: Beagle Max Output Level: Thanks for the comments. I think that must be the way it works as if the sounds weren’t loaded into RAM from the soundcard then you couldn’t apply various effects to them. Again as I said in my previous post, this wabetable a question about what sounds better.

SoundMAX – Digital Audio Nightmare

I also said it was ‘average’. It does amaze me that people will blame Cakewalk when hundreds of thousands of people have no problem with their hardware. Not having much money, I just purchased a rebuilt computer which happens to have SoundMAX digital audio with synthesizer. After trying the free Acid pro download which has recorded his guitar from his amp to an input cord plugged into the mic jack in the comp he rushed out and bought MC3 to get other backup tracks etc.


I have a min-pin and a chihuahua mix. Thanks for the info but I know about soundfonts and am not sure what in my question suggested I was interested in any further information about them.

I like knowing how the technology works behind the scenes.

But ultimately does the issue not lie with the Interface Standards of audio device drivers and applications? To me it’s a clear fault of both vendors not taking soundma for their own products.

The real point is that it is a waste of time to worry about this synth, all it is, wavetxble a cheap wavetable much in the vien of Microsoft synth GS. Does your computer have a USB port available?

It works fine for gamers, but people like you, who only want to make music are ignored. Well, 8hrs of frustration led me here in hopes of some reasonable solution so that his guitar can use this software to help him keep his enthusiasm.

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Beagle, Sorry if I’m too vague.