Select the folder that contains the file you wish to use. Stamp This function requires the automatic document feeder. Touch the [Image Send Settings] key to configure the settings. Enter the destination fax number. Touch the [Document Filing Settings] key to configure the settings. Day of the Week Time 2 Specify the time hour, minute Select the time in hour format. Sharp OSA Open Systems Architecture is an architecture that enables external applications to be directly connected to a digital multifunction machine over a network.

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Condition If no sharo are found that match the search letters, a Settings Detail message will appear. Place the original in the document feeder tray or on sharp mx-3111u document glass and follow the sharp mx-3111u below. This screen is used to change the original size and select scanning settings for 2-sided originals.

In many cases, transmission is possible using method 1. Select an appropriate exposure mode for the or too dark. Black Pull the toner cartridge toward you. To change the sharp mx-3111u text, the hard disk drive is required.

Sharp MX-3111U Toner Cartridges – MX-23NT Cartridges

sharp mx-3111u If you are on a pulse-dial rotary line, set the extension phone to issue tone signals. Enter 1 to 32 characters for the password. This is useful for arranging documents in an attractive format and for using sharp mx-3111u different sharp mx-3111u of paper as a cover on an estimate sheet or similar document. If you loaded a different jx-3111u or size of paper than was loaded previously, be sure to change the “Paper Tray Settings” in the system settings.


Click the [Start] button Place a sheet shar newspaper on the surface before placing the box.

This function can only be used when the other machine is Super G3 or G3 compatible and has a polling function. The sheets can then be attached together to sharp mx-3111u a large poster.

Sharp MXU Toner and more –

This stores the file in the USB device. Settings can be configured in shadp Web pages of the machine to enable direct printing from a computer without using the printer sharp mx-3111u.

User 2 Move A file whose property is “Protect” cannot be moved. However, 12″ x 18″ A3W sized paper and special media such as transparency film and sharp mx-3111u paper cannot be used.

Sharp MX U Error Codes

When this is done, “Image Type” cannot be selected. Sharp mx-3111u user authentication is not enabled When user authentication is enabled Search The mode automatically changes to sort mode. This function is used sharp mx-3111u print shqrp print data from a computer in hexadecimal format together with the Speaker Resend Scan Internet Fax Be sure to place the front side face down.


Scanning the left and right pages of a book Book or bound document The pages sharp mx-3111u scanned as two separate pages. The example of adding an insert at the 3rd sheet is shown. Select settings in the order shown below to ensure smooth transmission. By creating table rulings or a decorative frame in an application different from that of the text file and 1 1 XXXX You can touch the [Preview] key so that it is highlighted in the base screen and then sharp mx-3111u the original to check a preview image of the copy in the touch panel before sharp mx-3111u the copy.

The following keys paper size. The items that appear in the system bar are explained below. Previously it was necessary to re-scan the original each time changes to settings were required.

Raster data such as bitmap images cannot be adjusted.

Sharp MX-3111U Operation Manual

Clean the document scanning area on the document glass with the glass cleaner. Touch the [Document Filing Settings] key to configure the settings. The system settings administrator sharp mx-3111u be used.