The Vers also accepts handwriting recognition or gesture control for entering phone numbers and typing. But you’re limited to a nonstandard 2. LG Versa Verizon Wireless review: And it’s got a fun interface. CDMA phones are noted for their excellent call quality and long battery life. We always approach these dumbphone full touch UIs with some well-founded trepidation, but the Versa was a pleasant surprise.

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First of all, we suggest you to download lg versa PDF Manual of this gadget and go to page to lg versa the detail and further explanation how you can perform Hard Reset on LG Versa. The Versa’s 2MP camera promises a lot, with face detection and a feature called SmartPic, which claims lg versa reduce noise and improve low-light performance.

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Those include the chipset in use, the software running lg versa the device, as well as the consumer’s unique usage pattern. Facebook Twitter Google plus. The LG Versa packs a lot of features.

LG Versa hands-on

Each home screen has shortcuts lg versa the message in-box, the phone dialer, the lg versa menu, and the phonebook along the bottom row. At least the SMS app has been given a facelift and has a cute new interface. You don’t have a numeric keypad, lg versa LG has seen fit to attach dedicated Send and End buttons to the front of the cover veersa with a tiny OLED that’s just big enough to give you battery and signal strength, time, and caller ID.


At the end of the day, lg versa, the physical keyboard is much easier to use than the virtual keyboards. This device is also known as LG VX LG Versa Follow Following. Lg versa uses satellites in order to detect your location. What will it take to beat Samsung?

VX9600 Support

You can have lg versa to three different tabs open at a time. We realize that we do change lg versa ways of writing. Lgg example the picture that we gave you above would give you an explanation about the phone keys and parts with each of the lg versa and descriptions.

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Adding a standard 3. It’s a little difficult to describe the Versa’s form factor, because it changes. The Versa can operate in three different modes: Additional features and capabilities of the LG Versa include: They work well on the Versa.


Open, the keyboard is surprisingly usable. Lg versa carrier availability Discontinued: Though, you can also follow our instruction here. The Leatherman is lg versa the middle for size comparison.

LG Versa review

Segan is also a multiple award-winning travel writer. But the Versa is far better than the Voyager.

You may unsubscribe from the lg versa at any time. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life. The Versa is around 3. The Good Lg versa LG Versa is an attractive touch-screen handset with an animated user interface, plus it has options for additional modules.