Select this item when, for example, you wish skin to appear pinker or subdued warm colors to have more warmth. Select the [Completed Jobs] tab. Action Glossy printing paper easily sticks to the document glass, and shadows are sometimes copied and reproduced as dirt. Trouble during Copying The copy is misaligned or Cause The document is not loaded correctly. Select the next recipient. Cause The document is glossy printing paper. How can I fix this?

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You can use a 4 to digit passcode.

Fuji Xerox Launches ApeosPort-II Series and DocuCentre-II Series FujiXerox

The recording area stores the following data. Received e-mail is automatically printed.

Loading Paper Check the positions of the paper guides of the Tray 5 bypass. Is the paper tray inserted Firmly push in the paper tray fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 far as correctly? Relay Broadcast Report 12 Machine Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a broadcast transmission is complete.

Copy Makes a copy of the selected job flow sheet. Our website is hosted by a secure data centre in Sydney, Australia with restricted access and security vetting of all staff.


Output tray Receives documents. Apeosprt-ii The password fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 not correctly entered. F Code Enter the F code using the numeric keypad. Select the address type, and select [Save]. The staple cartridge rises up and becomes removable. Executing Calibration Select [System Settings]. If in doubt, have the outlet checked by a qualified electrician.

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Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as required. Advanced Features Print Prints the selected document. Setup Menu When [Billing] is selected, using the keyboard displayed fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 the screen or the numeric keypad on the control panel, enter the time for one unit charge 0. Standard Printable Fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 The standard printable area is an area on paper excluding the 4. Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes Types of Mailboxes The following three types of mailboxes can be used with the machine.

The larger the value, the stronger the effect of removing background noise. Auto Send and Manual Send. Page – Paper Jams at the Lower-left Side of the Action Select a lower compression output file format.

Fuji XEROX Docucentre II C4300

When replacing the waste toner container, clean the laser scanner D1, D2, D3, D4 located at the rear of the container using the cleaning stick supplied with a new waste toner container. Setup To use the E-mail Printing feature, the following setup is necessary.


Set the operation of this offset feature. TEL Apeosportii this interface to connect an external telephone receiver fitted with an extra G3 kit optional.

Protected by firewalls fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 security programs, your information is safe from prying eyes.

Since its announcement of the new Apeos fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300, Fuji Xerox has rolled out a number of models in the ApeosPort series, which operate as network “gateways” to an open office environment. Cleaning the Exterior The following describes how to clean the exterior of the machine.

I removed some items that I actually do need for my printer. Factory Defaults You can use the factory default settings. Select [Other than Black] or [Color]. Put at least five sheets of white paper over the Calibration Chart and close the document cover.

Remove the jammed staples as shown in fuji xerox apeosport-ii c4300 figure.