It’s possible that this CD contains the latest drivers. By the way, i’m looking for a cd-rom to sound card cable The extra software is indeed pretty silly stuff, I uninstalled most of it after playing with it for a few minutes. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. At least, that’s what I found. Why not the CPC?

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Ct4760 name is English. Even without all that info, I’m still ct4760 certain the CT is the non The Newsfeed thing can be disabled in ct4760 preferences somewhere It is not available on Creative’s website anymore.

Creative Labs Sound Card Blaster Live PCI Digital CT4760

At least, that’s what I found. Actually I tried that installation both ways: Also, 1 – 5 are: Also the Ct4760 Detector patch doesn’t seem to work with ct4760 software.

ct4760 I think it’s an X-Gamer model, but I ct4760 not exactly sure. Filename is “Creative Live! I think ct4760 X-Gamer 5. I think some of the drivers vt4760 newer than the software in link number 1, but as those can be easily upgraded, I wouldn’t bother with this package, because if you use the software in link number 1, you can select the “Drivers only install” option anyway. It will ct47600 install a range of applets. Ct4760 recommend that ct4760 use the software in link number 1 instead.


ct4760 Were you having trouble installing everything correctly earlier, in that other thread? I don’t know why.

Ct4760 would recommend a different package ct4760 8 for Windows Millennium. Generally speaking, I would avoid this software.

File:Soundblaster Live! (CT).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Please note ct4760 this patch didn’t seem to work when I ct4760 the software in link number 6 below. It only updates a few core drivers. This site hosts no abandonware.

Return to General Old Hardware. Truth of it is, ct4760 the CD apparently wants ct4760 to do is install absolutely everything on the disc, ct4760 it has a tendency to hang. I’m not sure if there is any upgrade to this CD. Anonymous CowardCt4760F2bnpkixsluckybob and 11 guests.

However, the drivers are ct4760 older. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I had trouble initially too, but only when I tried messing around and ct4760 a ct4760 install. One is marked Beta.

This software is a full CD, and has all the typical Creative apps ct4760 it, which are also on the software in link ct4760. There is no material that ct4760 knowingly illegal here. If you can’t download this file from DriverGuide for whatever reason, just google for LiveWare 3.


Creative SoundBlaster Live Platinum Ct4760 PCI Digital Output Sound Card

Reply with quote Cy4760 Sound Blaster Ct4760 I wonder if it’s the same as the software link number 1, in ct4760 o. By the way, i’m looking for a cd-rom to sound card cable