Click on the Thumbnail for a Larger Image. Its in-1 card reader are fantastic for the widest variety of cards, though strangely, SD cards must be inserted upside-down, and the Vista software wouldn’t even let us read our test SD cards. The temperatures can be switched back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Aerocool makes an updated Vista version of this software available. First, the unit was installed into a 5. The flip-panel design your screen from being broken in transport, and allows for a large panel to fit into a single bay.

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One gentle press on the top part of the panel which pops out, and you are warmly greeted by a flip-up LCD screen.

aerocolo You can program the alerts fp–01 flash the caution light if temperatures get too low. The problem with this setup is that standard 5. Aerocool has graciously sent us their FP multifunction display. For an Aerocool fp-01 machine, the FP is about as good as it could get, and I recommend this aerocool fp-01 to anyone aerocool fp-01 is looking for a new multifunction panel for their latest rig.

Aerocool ‘s FP is s fantastic product for the common user. The SD card problems and software issues should be fixed in due time.

As a result of the flip screen design, the aerocool fp-01 is aerocoo, from breaking the screen while transporting their machine. The only downside is that the design of the FP may not fit into tool-less cases.


The flip-panel design your screen from being broken in transport, and allows for a large panel to fit into a single bay. aerocool fp-01

Aerocooll computer may have aerocool fp-01 reboot after the installation. Those with Cooler Master and Thermaltake cases are in luck as their tool-less cases often have plastic retainers that keep the 5.

There are many cables included in the box, and the software included with the FP has an update aerocoil, which should allow every user’s PC to handle the latest media. This fantastic creation sits aerocool fp-01 a standard 5. While this design arrangement aerocool fp-01 not pose a problem for many users, those with tool-less cases might want to check their case before making a purchase.

Aerocool FP-01 LCD Display

Have we mentioned is simply looks cool. Once the pox is opened up, the FP, driver CD, manual, and bag of cables are arranged inside of a aerocool fp-01 bin to dampen vibrations and shaking inside the box. We can see why Aerocool did not integrate a aerocokl set of mounting holes aerocool fp-01 the design simply by taking a quick look at the side of the FP in which you aerocool fp-01 see that these holes would interfere with the rails which carry the flip out LCD.

The arocool should have power now, and you can see the temperatures of the case, along with the fan speeds, and HDD activity. Take note, however, fp-011 the FP may have trouble fitting into tool-less cases, for it can only be secured with the four screw-holes two on each side provided. Aerocool makes an updated Vista aerocool fp-01 of this software available. First, the unit was installed into a 5.


The product features are listed on the back, and in-1 aerofool compatibility chart is listed on the aerocool fp-01. As aerocool fp-01 mentioned the LCD panel is quite crisp and easy to read. The FP was created with only the bottom set of mounts which can complicate things for those with tool-less cases in which the drive bays 5.

Aerocool > Products > Peripheral > FP

The Aerocool FP comes packaged aerocool fp-01 a simple, yet effectively calming box. The side profile of the FP shows there are a couple of places the display can be aerocool fp-01. This comes in handy if the user aerocool fp-01 a front panel where they need to aerocoop for depth.

I expect that Aerocool will come out with better Vista drivers over time. Click on the Thumbnail for a Larger Image. We’ll now take adrocool look again at the buttons on the front panel.

With the plugs installed, the computer can now be booted up. Testing the Aerocool FP was quite simple:.

Once turned on, the OS finds the new hardware and asks to install it. Once the card manager was installed on an XP machine, aerocool fp-01 software was quite easy to use.